Sunday, September 5, 2010

Keeping It Real

If perhaps you don’t know me or this is your first visit to my blog I would recommend you start with another one. I seldom right about personal struggles and this blog was written while processing through some hard times.

I’m positively a positive person. I do my best to face life with a great attitude and an encouraging outlook. I think we all know of people who tend to complain, and whine through all of life. They can be the black holes of our relational Universe as their gravity sucks the life from our souls. Negativity is a contagious mistress who loves company. We often walk hand in hand down her easy path. I find in my own life that I reflect the image of those I spend time with. This past year as I have walked with others through anger, hopelessness, and depression, negativity is what I find in the mirror. At first I fought her, eventually I tolerated her, and now I find myself in her embrace. The past couple of months have been hard. The loss of my job, the loss of three job opportunities, the loss of being able to run, the loss of running in the Hood to Coast, my bike breaking, my ipod breaking, my car window breaking , my car breaking down, are just the highlights of this vortex of negativity. I do my best to keep this vortex inside and yet at times it spills out. I loathe that this demon has taken root. It isn’t who I am. The past three years have held many challenges. I have changed. Three years of hard physical labor and a work environment which is calloused and unfeeling have left me the same. I sometimes look back in the rearview mirror of my life with great disappointment knowing that these past three years I have neglected the very foundation of my life. I believe that joy translates any circumstance. Joy is the fruit of intimacy with my Father. The poison within is the fruit of neglect.

Understanding how I arrived here gives me great hope of how I can return to who I desire to become. Reflecting the image of those I spend time with will be the main focus of my unemployment. My early hours will once again belong to the Lord. The greatest desire of man is intimacy with God. I believe that is the very reason that I was created. My greatest goal during these days of uncertainty is hanging out with God. I also plan to spend much time with my wife, kids’, family, and friends. Spending time with them fuels my soul and brings love to my life. Jesus once said that out of the mouth flow the abundance of the heart. He also asked us to speak little, listen much, and be slow to anger. I’m looking forward to the upcoming weeks as I’m trusting it will become a transformation of heart, word, and attitude. I’m thirsty for Living Water and I plan to drink deep and long. As I said before I’m positively a positive person and Stevey Wonders how you rise above negativity? Please let me know your thoughts.


erik w/a "k" said...

I rise above negativity by hanging out with my friend Steve. It always seems to help. You should try it. I think you might like each long as you like to giggle like a school girl and act like a 6 year old and think unintentional comments are absolutely hilarious. If not...sit and stew...but I don't recommend it. You would really like this friend of mine. I don't recommend people usually, but I think I can take that chance with this one.

pepto said...

This is what makes you awesome. You take the realities of life and break them down into bite size pieces.

As far as the negativity, I can say for sure you already followed rule #1: Marry well. ;) (I can vouch for this technique).

Next best thing for me has been quality accountability time with 2-3 other guys on a regular basis. Seems like there might be a couple in your area who might be good for more than just beating you at horseshoes repeatedly. To be fair, I haven't yet figured out how to work this in regularly with family life with a couple of kids. So, when you figure out the secret, kindly write another blog so people like me can understand.

Jeni said...

To put it simply, one step at a time. Sounds to me that you have a wonderful foundation to build upon and are definitely on the right path! This is something I struggle with on a daily basis so if you find a shortcut then please do tell.