Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Clash of the Universes

I’m one of those strange individuals that actually enjoys early mornings. I love the quiet, peace, and the pace of a lazy weekend dawn. It is a time to sit in my big green chair with a huge cup of joe, read a book, and reflects on life. I get up about 5:30 AM on weekend mornings. This gives me a hour and half of selfish Steve time before my kids wonderfully invade my sanctuary. This past Saturday the good Lord decided to grace us with a Spring snow fall. The flakes filled the sky as disbelief filled my heart. Spring flowers yielded their colorful hue to snow flakes the size of quarters.
My daughter Kaylee wakes up at 6:30 to open up this amazing gift of snow. Now my daughter is much like my wife, her countenance and energy slowly rise with circumference of the sun. In KJ’s universe the day needs to be eased into with gentleness and grace. The early morning snow show was a shot of double espresso with extra sugar to my daughter’s immune system. Full of excitement she states the obvious with enthusiasm “Daddy it is snowing outside!!!” When God gives you such an amazing gift you desire to share it with everyone. “Can I wake up Noah?” Snow doesn’t fall forever and not very often in the Willamette Valley so I gave Kaylee the green light to invade Noah’s slumber. A few moments later the sound of running feet echoed down the hall. My son Noah does morning much like his daddy; sleep shakes from his personality like a quick change of a shirt. He embraces the day with vitality and excitement. Noah is drawn to the big glass window in the family room with wide eyed joy and determination. “HOLY NUTS!!!!!!!!!!” he screams with excitement. My son is now like a super nova of exuberance, spinning out of control and swallowing whole planets that lay in its path. “Dad can I go outside and catch snowflakes with my tongue?” Before I have a chance to answer, Noah is out the back door in his batman PJs, barefoot, tongue to heaven, eating God’s gift of falling frozen manna. Kaylee is quick to follow. As I mentioned earlier great gifts were meant to be shared, so my ice cold children find their way back inside and ask permission to share the love with Momma. I admit my motivation at this time was purely for my selfish enjoyment, my lovely wife is very morning challenged. Morning is a very slow, drawn out, painful dance of accepting the reality and responsibility of the day. My wife holds the world record for hitting the snooze button. They actually named the button the snooze bar in honor of her. My wife loves weekend mornings because I watch the kids, as she over indulges in sleep. I typically make breakfast for the family and hopefully sometime before noon my wife emerges from her comatose sleep to grab her coke and join in us on our day. I set these two parallel universes into a collision course by consenting to my children’s wishes. I watched (at a safe distance) as Kaylee and Noah arouse my bride to a rude, unwelcome, awakening. Cold hands and feet collided with warmth and security, joy and exuberance collide with groggy and grumpy. Two greater opposites rarely exist. My bride did the best she could not to fall down the dark stairs of bitterness. The combination of a Spring snow, cold children, and the early hour of the day proved to be a force far to great for her to endure. My children retreated in defeat as poor Michelle buried herself under her down comforter and was simply not in the proper frame of mind to receive my children’ s gift of enthusiasm. I quietly enjoyed the clash of the Universes from the safety of our hallway. The kid’s had a blast in their gift of snow in April as they filled our neighborhood with laughter and joy, and I will treasure that special morning among my favorites of Spring.

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